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“Our creative development; the invisible power behind your success”

The expertise and attention-to-detail required for your developing pre or post-opening business and operation is key to it’s opportunity and long-term success. Without these crucial elements, every end-project will be compromised. JGA, with over 30 years at the forefront of successful spa and hotel development applies all the know-how and fundamental strategy to ensure your business every opportunity within an ever-increasing market and competition. Our results: wholly maximised design, business, offering, point-of-difference and financial return opportunity, both now and for the future.   

Our support and advice is independent, objective, transparent and complete, enabling an unbiased, unique work-ability and momentum that develops with ease and strategy from the start. Each project is personally led by the highest skill-set, JGA’s renowned Managing Director Jennifer Gorman, ensuring an uncompromising expertise, focus and ability from start to finish.

Pre & post-opening, we support your entire project from and including first stage Model identification and conception OR, cherry-pick just the areas of individual expertise you require.

No project is too big or too small, our only aim is to ensure the optimal success of your business and offering. JGA’s associates are best-in-class and the most experienced, successful spa specialists in the industry; from specialist spa architects to engineers, pool and interior designers, web designers, specialist suppliers, product brands etc, all securing your crucial competitive edge.

Enquiries – please call: +44 (0) 1795 890952 to discuss your projects needs from which we will tailor the ideal support package required of your project and budget.

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