Why choose JGA?

Our core strategy is quite simple – ‘maximising your business & offering’.

“As your expert lead and consultancy, everything we do focuses on maximising your opportunity, now and for the future; commercially, in business, in operation and offering”.

To ensure a spa or hospitality model viable for both your opening and long-term success, the highest level of operational and business development expertise is crucial. It must be applied from the very first instance of your conceptual planning and financial feasibility, right through to every stage of your operational and business model identification and development to post-opening.

JGA will achieve this for your businesses, optimising every aspect to ensure a sustainable and profitable business for the future. We do nothing without purpose and reason. The attention-to-detail given to every aspect of your development ensures you the very best in achieving a successful, all round business and offering.

When your requirement is to have a one-off, exclusive offering that truly reflects your individuality and required standards, one that offers the very best in unique selling points, guest services and choice, that maximises its sales opportunities and financial return, your choice has to be JGAssociates.

One company to organise, oversee and support all the needs of your developing business: Choose from a full project involvement, a handpicked or tailor-made modula involvement or purely a one-day meeting to support existing teams and development exercises. With expertise covering first class spa and hotel development and operations for over 30 years, Jennifer Gorman and JGA offer full development for all areas of your business, pre and post-opening with the flexibility to ensure exactly the support needed to maximise your project results.

Please call +44 (0) 1795 890952 to discuss your projects development opportunity in more detail