“We were very lucky that when Channel 4's Country House Rescue came up with the idea of a luxury Spa at our home Colebrooke Park, that they introduced us to leading Spa Development Consultant Jennifer Gorman of JG Associates Consultancy.

Being novices in this area, we were naturally very sceptical to begin with and it was Jennifer that showed us that a Spa business was indeed feasible, giving us total confidence to go ahead. She also ensured our understanding that whatever we started, had to be done correctly; a purposeful and definitely not lesser quality option. Basically, under no uncertain terms, we had to do the job properly, however small the initial business was to be.

Much of our Country House Rescue programme has focused on the Spa and it is only thanks to Jennifer that we are where we are today. A result of her enormous expertise and Country House Rescue’s introduction to the most superb and able professional.”

Viscount Brookeborough, Colebrooke Park Country Estate

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